Worlds of tyranny

With the temporary name, “worlds of tyranny”, this book a science fiction novel about two siblings, Sean and Harley Elwing and their unlikely friends Walter Percy Troy and Brandon Cillian Moore, a pair of thieves, all of which live on the man-made island of Dowland in the twenty-first-century. Harley has done time, as have the others and they are all to be released on the same day, but mayhem hasn’t been left behind with robbery happening on the first day and a terrible calamity striking them. Oddest though of all, is the untimely appearance of a mysterious stranger and with it, a world of its own.

Aiming to be more of a science-fiction humour filled book (let’s see if I can accomplish it 😬).

(These below are constantly updated, wait for further additions.)

Status: writing at the present.

Characters: Harley Faye Elwing, Taurin (Hawthorn), Sean Nathan Elwing, Brandon Cillian Moore, Walter Percy Troy, Inspector Turnbull, Shiori Ban, Garos Idhere, Parfyth, Coltaere, Barbera and Patrick Elwing, Miss Morte, Freedom Fighters,


Places: Dowland, Ythorion, Fried Fuzzy’s, 32 Albion street, Daunton, 356 Grant Street Ostebrook Pragham The Grand Oaks Haven For Books, 882 Forrest lane Brompton, abandoned silos,


To see my current progress on this story, check out the widget on the side of the page (or bottom if you are on an iPhone), there you will see two parts entitled “Worlds of tyranny” and ‘The Age Beneath The Veil” and the information there will be updated every time I add more to my stories.