Worlds of tyranny

With the temporary name, “worlds of tyranny”, a science fiction novel about two siblings, Sean and Harley Elwing, and Brandon, a thief, and newcomer to drug-smuggling. Upon meeting a mysterious man, troubles arose and a murder is attempted. Trying to stop the death of another, Harley, Sean, the man and thief get transported to another dimension.

(These below are constantly updated, wait for further additions.)

Status: writing at the present.

Characters: Harley Faye Elwing, Taurin, Sean Nathan Elwing, Brandon Cillian Moore, Litharmin, Garos Idhere, Parfyth, The One, Coltaere, Barbera and Patrick Elwing, Marilyn Cobb, Ottilie Kiesensinger, Eamon O’Dowd, Diana Cooper, Arian Fletcher, Freedom Fighters,

Places: Dowland, Ythorion, Fried Fuzzy’s, 32 wood street, Dowland city graveyard, Grand Oaks Book Haven,