The Age Beneath The Veil

In the realm of Agragord, when a battle begins and Eradale is attacked by ferocious masses of orlecks, Celloine, daughter of king Derralore and sister of Harrodill, goes to search for a game-changing device her father wants to save their city. She gets trapped in a magical cave on the way back and her brother’s only hope is to travel far away in search of a weallott; a mythical being, short and big-eyed that lives in the caves of Abnorian. The story follows their adventures with the two weallotts, Othiel and Cirgo Smallen and the lords of the city.

This is one of a growing series not just for the young strange adventurers but also for many more characters ranging from human, half-elf, to elf and evil villains included.

(These below are constantly updated, wait for further additions.)

Status: currently writing

Characters: Cirgo and Otheil Smallen, Harrodill, Eadlewood, Ferrolimb, Aduen, Celloine, Tilnaud, Derralore, Edrifyeil, Lorthúr, Yrrim, Wilfos, Calia, Holmiaire, Moer Haith, Feljio, Golderyne, Tybalt, Ronwhim, Ardagar, Rugovar, Yäel, Zaeheirth, Nunaeril, Ronan, Bruhn Thach, Wornegom, Parleif, Nilyssa, Leolmie, Thermiir, Iónhää, Umfarin, Tyrodyne, Labrien, Orilog,

Places: Agragord, Abnorian, Eradale, Drurikh Heed, Farramain, Naggarron, Tamanueath, Miofejl, Tarsihlean, Syhldorei, Laudnaim, Mytholeas, Ash Tharûm, Purhil, Orm, Dolinahr, Dagonatt, The Dead Plains,

Races: Elves, men, shape-shifters, forsaken shadow elves, silver seekers, orlecks, weallotts, half-elves, the mountain people, dwarves, spirits, demons, giants.

Types of elves: Laudnaim elves (tall and sometimes wear their hair in one thick plait, they are also known to talk with less snobbishness as other races and resemble the humourous but dignified; Englishman), Tamanueath elves (dignified and very kind, with houses and building that loom in height), Mytholeas elves (the king and queen are redheaded and are known for their crowns being large and of silver or gold), shadow elves (dark haired and wear a lot of silver metal on their clothing more than any other elf, they are hated by the Mytholeas elves),


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