Songs and poems

Here are the written lyrics for the songs and so on, that I have created and are featured in my writing. Both the book of fantasy and the science fiction contain singing as that is something I adore.

Dowland national anthem

Synthetic soil well built for toil,

made by man’s hands.

This wondrous place had no disgrace,

 how beautiful is thy lands.

R/ Our wealth and more,

our country’s law,

the very beach and sand.

These loving servants 

shout and rejoice

as we owe this all to God our father,

we owe this all to God./

Dowland we are and will be,

united to the end.

Both Britain and Australia,

slaved to build our land.


May all men stand with trumpets grand,

singing in thy name.

Till twilight comes and demons run,

along with terror and shame.


Soldiers for thee our country free,

citizen we are.

With sword in hand and sounding band,


Father son and holy ghost, 

watch and help our leader.    

And virgin fair we humbly swear,                                                                                                

to honor them and thee.

In grave regret

Through the cursed land,

across the plains gold, 

to hall of stone grand, 

that did once stand bold.


The sound of singing 

filled the sky.    

Where homes were ringing, 

with laughter outcry.        


Those ancient days  

when the great king reigned,  

but loafing pays

and field is stained.   


Submit to greed and temptation,    

the want for power consuming him.           

Fought and killed by his own creation,

for using arts both dark and grim.     


Rejoicing now gone, 

the people forget.  

The elves look on 

with deep regret.  


Eradale, the old folk song.

Oh Eradale, how glorious is thy land!

a fair and noble realm are thee,

one so great and worthy grand,

so graceful by both land and sea.


The kings will reign forever more, 

never will that kingdom fall.

Though evil thing knock on the door,

Eradale will outlast all.