If you are also a beginner author and are searching for books upon writing, then I hope this page will help!

I have listed here several books and websites that were a great help to me and hopefully for you too.

The Creative Writers Workshop,

by Cathy Birch

This is a great and handy book for an author, whether you’re a novice or expert writer. Cathy Birch goes from giving you ideas how to create characters and beginnings, to using your dreams as a plot starter and base. I love this book and think it’s very resourceful.

Oxford’s guide to plain English,

by Martin Cutts

This is a splendid book to have by your side when writing your novel! The university of Oxford has had many great names to its school, including the writer, historian, medievalist, linguist and Professor John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. The book goes through the common mistakes and how to correct your works. This is not only for novel authors but also, for résumé’s and such.

Fantasy Name Generators online

Not only great for names but this website also has an area for writing help.

Writing Exercises

Full of generators and exercises!

Also are a few novels that are great examples of vocabulary and story plot I’d recommend you read.

The Lord Of The Rings,

by J.R.R.Tolkien.

A true work of art, the lord of the rings is a classical tale in the fantasy realm of Middle Earth. The story tells the tale of Frodo Baggins, a hobbit who inherits a magical ring from his uncle Bilbo. The One Ring is being hunted by its original owner and creator; Sauron. Frodo flees from his beloved home bag end and the shire, to embark on a perilous journey in hope of destroying the Ring. John Ronald Ruel Tolkien put a lot of hard work into this novel and creating its history. Hailed as the best fantasy story of all time.

The Chronicles Of Narnia,

by C.S.Lewis

This is a very intriguing tale, though I would recommend for a younger group of audience. Lucy, a young girl, enters a wardrobe in the professor’s mansion and finds that it is a pathway into another dimension. The rule if Narnia had been overthrown by Jadis the white witch, who has put a spell on the land making it always winter and never Christmas, for over a hundred years. Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter Pevensie are given the quest to defeat the witch and return Narnia to a place of peace and harmony. With the help of Aslan the lion and real king of Narnia, the Pevensie children set out on a great adventure.

Viking myths: stories of the Norse gods and goddesses,

by Thor Ewing

Not only is the name of the writer surprising and interesting, but the book itself is full of strange and uncanny laughs. Historian Thor Ewing’s ‘Viking Myths’ is filled with the retold wonderful mythology of the Norse people with Thor, Loki, Odin and the other gods of Asgard. Unlike the other books listed, this is a history book, but still, a fantastical tale created by some—unfortunately—forgotten, Norse writer. Ewing’s retell of the Viking fantasy is outstanding and well written.