Here are my favorite quotations from my stories that I cherish most! I hope you like them! I will also place posters of these on twitter.

Character quotes

“I can feel their presence, their army, their intentions. I can feel the coming death, lord, help us.” ~Derralore (TABTV)

“It is said, among the least of folk and the smallest of dwellings, the ones that are to awaken the forgotten, will abide in hidden splendour. Masked they be from all but fae, and meek though they be, they will be arisen and led to bring upon what will be the foretold days of the unknown shadow. All life after, concealed in a dim veil, with only dwindling hope left for the light.” ~The Prophecy (TABTV)

“The terror and dread of battle are something many feel before entering into the grisly conflict between foes. But be merry, for fear is what your enemy thrives on, so that none may have the courage to oppose him. Be thankful you are new to this fight, it means a shorter combat on your behalf and a quick release from the skirmish”~Taurin (W.O.T.)

“Think about the most deluded, dimwitted and badly informed society, in the midst of  space where breathing aside on their own planet; means death.” ~Taurin, talking about earth (W.O.T.)

“I’m not a crook, I just give the cops the fun they deserve.” ~Brandon Cillian Moore (W.O.T.)

“Giving up is much worse than the ten years practicing.” ~Taurin (W.O.T.)

“Don’t search into the minds of others, you may find something you will later wish to forget.” ~Taurin (W.O.T.)

“This is what legends are made of, what those books of myth you read began with. Let me put this correctly: how would you like to live the life of fantasy adventure you had always dreamed of?” ~Taurin (W.O.T.)

“After my service, I have been awarded and the lords look greatly up to me, but no matter what this world may shower upon me, it will not revive the dead bodies of my slain close ones.” ~Ferrolimb (TABTV)

“A normal human being lives but one life. Whereas an author lives many.” ~M.B.K.Zakanj

“Omeimni fell, waen ire gûrah, vah!” ~Litharmin (W.O.T.)

“Get on, this is going to be a wild ride.” ~Taurin (W.O.T.)

“I will not fight Parfyth’s fight if it is a suicide mission.” ~Harley Faye Elwing (W.O.T)

“Whatever we must do to achieve this quest, whether we be ill off after its fulfillment, I hope that you will be able to face it with all the courage you can assemble. But no matter how large the cost, I don’t want you to lose your youthful laughter. The lamentable days are joyless only because there still dwindles the memory of happiness. Do not let the oppression of this world surpass your childhood gaiety. Do me a favour, don’t grow up.” ~Harrodill (TABTV)

“The foolishness of men! They think of nothing but themselves, yet they curse those who cease to aid them!” ~Mysterious flaming eyed man (TABTV)

“Liars make trust scarce, at least what you see on the outside of me is the same on the inside.” ~Mysterious flaming eyed man (TABTV)

“Sixty years old does not qualify for a child madame,” ~Taurin, to Litharmin (W.O.T.)

“To follow blindly is far worse an action than the disgrace placed upon you if you disobey.” ~Harley Faye Elwing (W.O.T.)

“It appears you need supervision young lad, your recklessness will need a little common sense. I don’t approve of the road taken, or your irrational ways, but the time is moving swiftly and we must act. So. When do we start?” ~Tilnaud, to Harrodill (TABTV)

“Now shall I fight for a cause, now will the foes of Agragord feel the sharpness of my sword and cry in pain they will as it sends them to their judgement, and now at last, I can stop playing the retarded pig sitting upon its buttocks in complete sloth while others do the tedious work and stand up to do what task has been given to me. Evarr pray that this journey doesn’t end in a heap of dead lords.” ~Tilnaud (TABTV)

“They’ll call us traitors, but at least we’re honest ones.” ~Harley (WOT.)

“Now, the bedroom is upstairs and the kitchen on your right, feel free to ransack my winter stockpile.” ~Iónhää (TABTV)

“Sometimes you need to take the wrong road a dozen times before you find the right one.” ~Brandon Cillain Moore (WOT)

“My feet will bleed on every nail I tread on, my hands will burn like wood as they touch the fiery flames, but if I succeed, even without a leg or arm, I will be content knowing I have helped even one life prosper. I would rather loose my own limbs to see another run with laughter upon their lips, I have been through the reverse before and I couldn’t carry another weight such as that any longer” ~Golderyne Blackpool (TABTV)


“Was there an escape strategy, Taurin?” Harley asks but gets no reply. “Well, we’re dead.”