Plot twists

Here is a gathering of plot twists for authors stuck in the awful condition of writer’s block. These may be wacky, but they can help to trigger those hidden ideas into life.

  1. The protagonist is suffering from an illness, her/his health is not what it was but they must continue with their quest/adventure. (This could be a biological weapon’s impact upon them or an everyday illness)
  2. The unexpected happens and the protagonist dies a quarter away from the end of the tale. Though this is sudden, it is not expected and therefore makes it more realistic. The secondary character may finish the story.
  3. One of the least expected characters is taking money to lead the protagonists away from their goal.
  4. There is an object, place or thing that only one person may enter/touch or put themselves at risk of sudden death.
  5. The protagonist has to run to a city or town suddenly, there is something important that ties with the quest. But the villain is also running to that same spot…who gets there first?
  6. The villain wears anything but red as he fears and hates blood. He never exits from his fortress (or whatever) because he is afraid of seeing injuries. Though he makes his henchmen do the destroying for him.
  7. A rumor is spread about the protagonist’s best friend and companion, they decide to leave them behind so that they cannot help in the quest.
  8. Someone hates the protagonist but they find themselves always in danger fighting together for their lives.
  9. When villains lurk outside their house, the only thing that can help them is a boardgame.
  10. When money comes into the story, the character must decide whether to take it or save their friend.
  11. Should they take the shortcut, and risk certain death, or take the exasperatingly long way round?
  12. The protagonist is putting on her/his shoes, not know there is a bug placed in the heel.
  13. For some reason (you decide) the companion of the protagonist is extremely fond of