This website is where I can show the world my illustrations and books. Being a young writer of sixteen, this blog is a great way to start my career as a novice author and his a place for others to find my work. I have pages of tips and recourses to show other young writers things that have helped me and what solutions I have gathered after reading countless books and websites on the secrets of writing. I would like to help many other beginners in the world of the author and help them to improve their writing by using my findings. I have become more learned of late in the delicate skill of words and am extremely grateful to all who have helped me along the way.

Living in Australia and thankfully the most liveable city in the world, life here is easy compared to some. The downside of this, however, is that there aren’t as many literature clubs or competitions for longer manuscripts and novels, meaning I often am looking on UK websites (which I am fine with) for contests. Finding publishers is hard also, as I don’t want a small company that mightn’t do so well for selling. Luckily, this year, Austin and Macauley are arriving in Australia and Melbourne will be their HQ! Meaning I can publish with a company that doesn’t need agents, I am fine with getting one if needs must, but I would rather be without.

Writing can be hard, seeing that I have restarted and revised over and over again for years till I am happy with the finished product, even then I will go over more times to get things perfect.

Whether you are interested in writing or not, English is our language ( unless you’re from another country) and we should learn to use it better. Language is more important than you think and it is a privilege to have such a wonderful thing. I believe we should study more about our culture, as unfortunately, many young like myself (but not like myself) are forgetting all that our ancestors have done to create this wonderful society and are forgetting the simple wonders of creativity and will often give up on their gifts and dreams moving on to a lifestyle of regret and unsuitable wandering from their true nature altogether to live a life for another’s bounty. Forgetting why it is we are here and what we should do with our lives. We were given gifts and we were told to express them in the right way to draw others to live better lives.