Q&A about me, it’s an easier way of letting you get to know this author 😁


Q: have you ever won any writing or art related competitions?

A: I have been shortlisted in the Westbury Faery writing competition and won the Sunshine Short Film Festival three times with my family, the last one on September the twenty-third for our film “First Light In Search Of The Sun”. I plan on entering more literature prizes including the Yeovil from the United Kingdom when I have time off writing my two book series.

Q: What are your goals?

A: to get published under a good company such as Harper Collins and to start a small career in acting.

Q: what are the things you most enjoy?

A: writing of course, but also drawing, painting, building Lego with family (anything with family), waiting for the next Star Wars, creating cosplays….how much more can I say?

Q: what are your favourite parts of being an author?

A: writing sad and tragic scenes are the best! I feel I’m very connected with my characters and I like that, they feel like family.

Finishing a chapter is a great relief and I often feel encouraged to go on after this.

Q: do you take post tip requests?

A: certainly! Just comment below on any post, or contact me through any of my social websites!