Encyclopaedia, or more properly rephrased: how to live in Agragord.

I find having the more information, the better and more enjoyable the book. Not only is it like this for me, but most likely for others who can also relate that reading a book with too much simplicity can make the world feel black and white, cliché and unreal.

I have started to sketch in charcoal one page for each subject in my book, individual places, people and more information that not only is interesting for others, but helps me to remember the key facts about each and every place.

Perhaps sometimes I go overboard with the details, but that also makes it harder for me to make a terrible mistake, not everyone keeps track of the time, date and weather of each event and entry in their book, but I like to.

Here are some quick sneak peek photographs (taken from my iPad, you  may notice) so that you can get an idea, I will post clearer ones shot on my Canon Ixus 230 later.




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