45 days into the story…

As I began writing my fantasy fiction, I was not in the proper state to begin a book that would need all the grammar to the utter perfection and capitalisation when it is needed. Unbeknownst of this terrible error, I continued to write for almost six months without the needed attention to my wording and so on. This I discovered a long time after, and because of this, I needed to revise the whole book. Little did I know, it would take a year to complete that revision I thought to take only a month. Though I will revise some points again, never will I have to make such a large one as that. I was practically rewriting the whole book.

Finally! Two days ago, I came to the end of my revising and began to write on again! No longer was the word count staying practically the same (though of course, it did change dramatically), now I will be adding, not changing! To show how bad this all was, I began writing my science fiction only four or so months ago, I made it to ninety-five pages within that short period of time, a much larger amount than I made progress on the fantasy that has taken a year to get to the number of 90!

In the days of my storyline (I mark the times and dates of my book as I need them for calculation) the tale of this adventure has taken so far:  forty-three days, nineteen hours and forty-five minutes, or six weeks. It is the winter season and they are currently relaxing after terrible and stressful circumstances, in Tamanuath, the elven city, ruled by the elven empress; Edrifyeil. The fourth of January.

Things will be progressing far more quickly, I can assure you. I almost jumped for joy the day I finished revising, I felt as if a movie was about to be released in the cinemas!

I will be updating more! Don’t worry! Now that this stressful year is over, I feel like a great weight is lifted!


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