The beginning of my language

As you may know, I have been spending a lot of my hours adding words and phrases to a new language of my own creation. Based on the languages Latin, Scots Gaelic, German and the slightest bit of Norwegian, this dialect of mine is frequently used by the elves, twilight warriors and very rarely by a few individuals. Using my own technique with language creation and a few guides to overcome difficulties, the language (which has yet to be named, as do most of my things.) is being made that any person may learn it. To me, it’s the language I want, my personality in words. Several of my favorite languages and mixes. Using lingo jam, I have entered a few words and phrases into the translator so that you might get some idea of what style I am going with my books. Used in both my science fiction and faerie fantasy (not the tinker bell sort of “fairy”, the word “faerie” is often used wrongly. Look at Tolkien’s book on Faerie.), I have created somewhat of a history, to begin with. Being the oldest language in my worlds, it was created at the dawn of time by Evarr, the creator, himself. Often called simply “the sacred language”, it is not of much use to this day and no man on earth remembers it. Created at the same time as the “twilight gem” was, it is used by the Warriors as a tradition passed down and when in need of space travel, the passwords to realms are spoken in it. So as to not have one world’s dialect and cause conflict on why another’s planet’s language is used. Most children, at some point in life, will at least think of creating their own language as to speak at the table without their parents understanding. I very much want my world to be as real as I can make out, of course, this includes languages and I am very pleased with how it has slowly evolved. If you would like to view my translator, here is the link: The Original Language (that name is just there since I have not one yet.) there are only a few words and phrases such as “hello my friends” and including my word for not magic, but gifts of abilities not magic, as all magic/sorcery is witchcraft in my world. The word for “good magic” as we might say in our language, is adhalm, for, unfortunately, as even Tolkien said; there is no such word aside “gifts” for that in any language on earth.


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