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Welcome to my author’s website! This is a place where I can share my writing experience and books with you! For a novice writer, this website is a start in the writing career. With not only posts of my own work and progress, but several pages dedicated to helping other with their writing! After many years and months of scouring the library shelves for good books on writing tips and tricks, I have put together pages of tips I find the most useful, and resources. Being an author can be challenging at times, with writer’s block constantly pursuing you it can be hard so I would like to show others how to get over these difficulties. I live happily in the city of Melbourne Australia, with my family and our senile bad-tempered cat. Writing has always been a thrill for me, one which I plan to take to the extreme.
imageAt the present moment, I am working on two novel series of books with the themes of science fiction and medieval fantasy. Both of which I plan to illustrate myself and take on till at least the seventh book in the series. Worlds of tyranny and the fantasy novel (unnamed at the moment) which I am placing a lot of my time into, are both very precious to me–that is why I have four copies of each–and have many references to my actual life. Worlds of tyranny and Agragord are still a work in progress and therefore, I cannot post a sample as they have yet to be finished. As you can see in the image, I love to draw illustrations from films for my fellow friends and online ones at their request. If you would like to see more art from me you can click on my deviant art profile (just joined), my youtube or DIY account and to see my language. My social media (only used for writing and acting purposes) are Facebook and Twitter, Twitter would be better than facebook as I prefer it. Here also is my Wattpad account, I may end up posting previews of my books on there.

Please check my latest posts on the side widget, or I will have it (or my favourites) at the top of the page! You can find my writing progress, character names and more details on my stories, updates, news, archives, writing support and you may even contact me if you wish for further questions that need answering!

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