An Author’s Realm

Build your dreams, or spend your life building others.


If I wasnt serious about taking on the artistic life of an author you wouldn’t have a page to be looking at. 

image         My name is Mary Bernadette Kateri Zakanj, it just became longer as I had my confirmation a few months ago. I live in the cold city in Australia, known to others as Melbourne. Sixteen and counting.

I began writing from the age of four and I want to continue, my very first experience with writing started when I finished watching a movie and disliked the ending, so I rewrote it and got hooked.

Everyone was given a gift in life, even if you think nothing of it. I think mine was to reach out to other young people my own and inspire them to do right. Every book I had typed painstakingly has hundreds of hidden references to my life and the greatest writer since the dawn of time and before it, I like it this way and it gives my readers an Easter egg hunt which I enjoy to see.

This website was created for the purpose of sharing my stories with the public and to help others lean on me as we build on each other to eliminate the word “dream’ and place in the dictionary in its stead “reality”.

I will post regularly under the category (see the side widget there?) “about you” to share tips and hidden secrets I have come to know about. Also, there is an about me, that’s updated progress and et cetera on my works, you can be a stalker and look, it won’t harm you.

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Thank you for reading, or skimming, whatever you did, I’d rather you see my posts anyhow 😉

Mary Bernadette Kateri Zakanj